2020 has been very much about personal growth.

And a new chapter of life, for everyone, during this time of a global pandemic.

A freshly completed full-time Coach & Trainer course has given me new skills, methods, techniques –
and copious amounts of inspiration.

The rest of 2020 will be about growing the new chapter of my working life as a coach and trainer, artist, and curator.
Coaching is very much about helping other people to help themselves – I believe this passionately and my mission is now to live this belief to the full.

As Coach, Trainer, and Artist

I discover bridges and enjoy them
I feel my hands as they close
I cross bridges when I need to

I feel my hands as they open

Difficulties offer us opportunities to find new paths.Don’t wait for tomorrow – begin today.

Please feel welcome to contact me for further information.

Dean Franz Pasch – Coach, Trainer & Artist
Mobile: (Germany, Munich) 0151 2345 3182

About me:

Born and grew up in England, Leicester. Film and Art studies in London. Self-employed in the film-branch. Sales manager in the print-media branch. Live and work in Germany since 1990. 27 years with Berlitz Germany: 10 years Business English trainer and Pedagogical Manager, 17 years in Sales / Account Management/training concept development and delivery.

30 years active as an artist in Germany: filmmaking, visual artist, photographer, poet, and Curator, and curator. Multi-faceted projects (exhibitions, poetry readings, film festivals. Solo work as well as collaborations.